Will Everyone Know I’m Bankrupt?

We Do More Than Facilitate the Bankruptcy Process

Dignity and understanding are crucial underlying parts of our service offering. The Bankruptcy process is a daunting process that is not easy to go through, and we understand that better than most. We are driven by people coming to us for help, and we provide that help by applying our expert knowledge in the best possible way.

Bankruptcy Advisory Centre | Will Everyone Know I'm Bankrupt?One of the ways we do this is to ensure that we safeguard your privacy as much as possible within the framework of the law. While there is a public list of bankruptcies free for all to see and credit companies know how to check bankruptcy status, most people, such as friends, colleagues, and family, do not need to be made aware unless you wish to tell them.

We establish a trusting relationship, including keeping your financial matters confidential to ensure the legal process only deals with the affected parties. This creates an environment that protects all parties involved, and once the process is over, your name appears on the list of discharged bankrupts known as the National Personal Insolvency Index. However, if your safety is at risk, you can request to hide your address from the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII).

Why It Is Important to Keep Everyone’s Information Private

There are several significant reasons why any bankruptcy process needs to remain private and confidential. The standard period of bankruptcy is three years and one day. There are some restrictions relating to work; for example, you cannot be a company director while bankrupt. Generally, we encourage our clients to continue their lives as much as possible during and after bankruptcy.

Carry on With Your Life

The bankruptcy process is designed to protect all parties as best as the law can. This means you can continue to make a living or plan for the future to keep your situation temporary. You are allowed to pick yourself up and start again.

Considering the Other Parties

Going through a bankruptcy process can be challenging for the insolvent party and the other parties that are creditors. This is why our clients come to us, as they understand we’re not just about the law but also the best possible approaches and solutions to complex situations. We consider all parties’ best interests and work towards a win-win solution.

Confidentiality Helps the Authorities

Keeping everything secure, private, and effective will ensure that all parties are protected and that the bankruptcy process goes as effectively as possible. The law identifies who is authorised to do what, and it is crucial to ensure that all parties do not do anything to cause impediments. The appointed trustee will also ensure that you and the other parties are treated equally under the law, including protecting everyone’s privacy throughout the process.

“The financial ramifications of bankruptcy are unique to each person, and privacy is an important part of the process. While we have to share information with relevant parties we maintain your privacy within the frame of the law. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your privacy within the framework of the law.”

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“Nothing is more satisfying to me than knowing that I’ve helped someone get back on their feet by guiding them through the Bankruptcy Process. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with me as we solve your financial problems together.”

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