Andrew Bell | Bankruptcy Insolvency Practitioner and Liquidation Specialist

Andrew Bell: Bankruptcy, Corporate Insolvency and Liquidation Specialist

Andrew Bell Bankruptcy Advisor

Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell is the Managing Director and founder of Bankruptcy Advisory Centre Pty Ltd, a Bankruptcy, corporate Insolvency and Liquidation Specialist providing financial advice to individuals and small business owners for over 30 years.

“Nothing is more satisfying to me than knowing that I’ve helped someone get back on their feet by guiding them through the Bankruptcy Process. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with me as we solve your financial problems together.”

After learning about banking lending policies, Andrew realised he wanted to use his knowledge and skills to help people experiencing financial distress. He knows that it is possible to remove the financial burden with just a few simple regulatory steps.

Andrew wanted to help people experiencing financial distress or debt issues with ‘face-to-face’ assistance and guide them through a process that could solve their particular circumstances. He never wants anyone going into bankruptcy just because they couldn’t pay off years worth of debt plus interest and will ensure that you don’t sign up to an agreement without being fully aware of what will happen.

As a specialist in Bankruptcy, Corporate Insolvency and Liquidation working with the team at the Bankruptcy Advisory Centre, Andrew will ensure you speak to the right people for the right advice.

Waiting until the last minute means taking on more debt, avoiding talking to your creditors and making excuses when they call. Why not give Andrew a call and start yourself down the road to financial freedom?

“I’m sure you’ve seen it, the relief on people’s faces when they realize their debt worries are fixed and they can move forward. That is what drives me to help those in need of my assistance. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with me, as we work together to solve your financial problems.”

Assistance From a Corporate Insolvency Specialist

Andrew has guided individuals and small business owners through all types of debt scenarios when many people initially thought there was no way out. There always is when Andrew puts his expertise as a corporate insolvency practitioner to work. He will do his very best to find a solution to your debt situation, together with the resources of the Bankruptcy Advisory Centre. Get in touch for a free consultation to learn about your options or discuss any questions.

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