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The Bankruptcy Advisory Centre team have over 70 years combined experience in assisting everyday Australians resolve financial concerns. We specialise in all aspects of personal and business debt. We help to fully understand what options are available to you, judgement free. Bankruptcy and debt are very common problems.

Our goal is to provide a clear pathway to financial freedom without all the hassles and worries of debt collectors, threatening letters, and those unpleasant phone calls. Put all of your financial worries behind you today and speak to one of our specialists.

We will help you get back on track with your finances so you can get back to what matters to you the most. A good happy, stress free lifestyle, for you and your family. This is something, we all deserve.

Hi, I'm Andrew Bell

Andrew has been providing financial advice to individuals and small business owners for the past 25 years. After getting the inside scoop on the ins and outs of big banking lending policies, Andrew realised he wanted to use his knowledge to help people experiencing financial distress, knowing he could help lift a weight off of their shoulders with a few simple regulatory steps.

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  • Peter a self- employed bricklayer from Mandurah had incurred a large ATO debt, behind with his credit cards and personal loans payments and because of the down turn in the building industry was unable to maintain a consistent income. Peter was petrified to go bankrupt because of the stories he was hearing from numerous people in his industry. But after a chat with the friendly Bankruptcy Advisory Centre staff, to learn the truth about Bankruptcy. Peter decided to lodge his Bankruptcy papers and now consistently tells us life has never been better.
    Peter, Mandurah
  • An ATO debt was not going away and the phone calls for overdue credit card, personal loan and car loan payments were a consistent worry for Ben who had recently split with his partner and with the added worry of not been able to support his two young children Ben becoming quite depressed. A friend suggested he speak to Bankruptcy Advisory Centre. The result moved Ben into Bankruptcy provided him with a small surplus income which helped with his child support and he was able to keep his car which was under finance. Ben is now a much happier person.
    Ben, Perth

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