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I can’t pay all my bills and collection agencies are chasing me, what can I do?

The pressure of mounting debts can lead to stress and strain both personally and on families as a whole. Avoiding calls from debt collectors is just one of those things that can pile on.
Remember, you are not alone. If everyday bills and credit card debt are becoming an issue, please speak to one of our insolvency practitioners about bankruptcy in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, WA and QLD.

Peter a self- employed bricklayer from Mandurah had incurred a large ATO debt, behind with his credit cards and personal loans payments and because of the down turn in the building industry was unable to maintain a consistent income.

Peter was petrified to go bankrupt because of the stories he was hearing from numerous people in his industry. But after a chat with the friendly Bankruptcy Advisory Centre staff, to learn the truth about Bankruptcy. Peter decided to lodge his Bankruptcy papers and now consistently tells us life has never been better.

Contact Andrew Bell from Bankruptcy Advisory Centre today for a free, no obligation chat on your options.


  • I will definitely recommend Andrew Bell to anyone contemplating bankruptcy. Don't wait! Andrew is there to help. With his knowledge, he can advise you of the best path to take and assist with the mind boggling paperwork.
    Best of all, he is there for you through your entire bankruptcy period.
    Get your life back, it's not as bad as you think.
    Thank you Andrew for lifting the burden and allowing me to move on.

    Karilyn Mahon
  • I saw Andrew for 'advice only' on possible bankruptcy due to a divorce. Left an hour later with the paperwork all done and feeling like a new person!
    Andrew was extremely welcoming and made me feel so comfortable with my decision to proceed immediately.
    This was the best investment I have ever made and cannot speak highly enough of Andrew. He doesn't just give excellent service his follow up afterwards is amazing.
    Thankyou Andrew you made my 'new' life so easy to achieve!

    Vicki Johnston

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