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Liquidation Of Company

When liquidation of company assets may be the best course of action for your business

There are several reasons why businesses find themselves in financial difficulty. It can be from poor cash flow as a result of adverse economic conditions, unfavourable legal action being taken against the company, ATO debt issues or unpaid creditors being some of these reasons.

liquidation of company liquidation - bankruptcy advisory centreRegardless of what the matter may be, there are several options available to deal with your debt concerns. However, sometimes these solutions include winding down your business by going into the voluntary administration or the liquidation of company assets.

We, at the Bankruptcy Advisory Centre Pty Ltd have the experience to guide you through these processes and take the burden off your shoulders!

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Company Liquidation explained simply

Liquidation is the process of winding up and finalising a company’s financial affairs. Under usual circumstances, a liquidation of company assets begins because the company cannot pay all of its debts (i.e. it is insolvent). The purpose of liquidation of an insolvent company is to have an independent and suitably qualified person (the liquidator) take control of the company so that its affairs can be wound up in an orderly and fair way for the benefit of all creditors.

What is the different between voluntary administration and liquidation?

Voluntary administration, via an appointment of an external administrator, usually takes place when there is a possibility of being able to ensure the continuance of the company’s existence and is a type of formal insolvency process that is intended to resolve a company’s financial debt situation as quickly as possible to maximise returns to creditors. However, a liquidation is a type of insolvency that is intended to wind up the company and its affairs. If voluntary administration fails, legally it requires the winding up of the company.

Is Liquidation the best choice for my company debts?

Business debt issues are usually complicated and there is no one right answer to deal with all of them. The options available to you and your company will change depending on several factors, including:
  1. Is your company still currently in operation?
  2. What is the structure of the business (sole trader, partnership, company or trust)?
  3. What are the debt levels that your company is currently facing?
  4. Are there any assets in the business?
  5. How employees are involved in the business?
  6. Does the company have any adverse legal action pending; and
  7. The outcome the company, as well as yourself, would like to see.

Liquidation of company assets is the only way to fully wind up the affairs of a business and end its existence. An independent party such as the liquidator undertakes the process and protects the interests of creditors, directors and members while the company structure is dismantled.

How can an insolvent company be wound up?

An insolvent company can either be wound up
  1. Compulsory by the court, usually when one or more creditors make an application to the courts, or
  2. Voluntarily by resolution of the company directors to end the existence of the company.

What else can I do to clear my company debts?

There are several options available to assist you to clear your debts. There are also mechanisms in place to ensure any legal action against your business ceases and that employees get paid their outstanding entitlements through a government scheme even if the company does not have the money to pay them.

Please note that there are only some of the indicators for you or your company to consider in determining whether your company needs to be liquidated and directors will require appropriate advice, from qualified professionals.


  • As a Trustee in Bankruptcy, Ross Thomson is often required to think outside the box. As well as creative thinking, Ross brings compassion to the table.

    For Ross, it’s important to see the people behind the financial problem –not just numbers.

    Ross recently helped a bankrupt client who lives in a retirement village with her seriously ill husband.

    The unit she & her husband live in is not owned by them, but subject to a 20-year lease.

    The money to be repaid by the management was due only at sale, when the client finally left the retirement village.

    Sale of the unit was likely to take several years &, if he did sell the couple’s unit, Ross realised he would be effectively evicting them from their home, without resources or family to help them.

    Ross decided to contact the retirement village management & put a proposal to them that they prepay some of the moneys they would otherwise pay the client.

    The village management considered the proposal & have agreed to prepay some of the moneys otherwise due.

    The client is relieved that she will not be evicted & can now concentrate on helping her husband through his health issues.

    The moneys paid represented about 75% of what would have been available to creditors if they waited two years.

    It is a win for the client and for the creditors.

  • I made an appointment with Andrew after finding him on google. I was nervous and apprehensive about what to expect but he made the process of bankruptcy extremely uncomplicated and stress free, allowing myself the opportunity to get the fresh start I was so desperate for. Thank you Andrew I could not recommend you enough.

  • Making the decision to go bankrupt was not easy however once I had spoken to Andrew i felt all my anxiety disappear. Andrew does not judge you and he has an innate ability to put you at ease. He took care of the whole process for me again reducing the stress involved with completing paperwork.
    Thank you very much.

    Hayley Eastough
  • I will definitely recommend Andrew Bell to anyone contemplating bankruptcy. Don't wait! Andrew is there to help. With his knowledge, he can advise you of the best path to take and assist with the mind boggling paperwork.

    Best of all, he is there for you through your entire bankruptcy period. Get your life back, it's not as bad as you think. Thank you Andrew for lifting the burden and allowing me to move on.

    Karilyn Mahon
  • I saw Andrew for 'advice only' on possible bankruptcy due to a divorce. Left an hour later with the paperwork all done and feeling like a new person!

    Andrew was extremely welcoming and made me feel so comfortable with my decision to proceed immediately.

    This was the best investment I have ever made and cannot speak highly enough of Andrew. He doesn't just give excellent service his follow up afterwards is amazing. Thankyou Andrew you made my 'new' life so easy to achieve!

    Vicki Johnston
  • Andrew was very helpful in helping me through the bankruptcy process, as a single mother left with a massive debt from my ex and our previous marriage. I was struggling to keep my head above water on a week to week basis.

    Andrew made me feel at ease immediately and helped me every step of the way, he happily and professionally answered any and all questions I had before, during and after the process. Thanks so much for your help Andrew!

    Aisha Edmonds
  • Would highly recommend Andrew to anyone having financial difficulties. Andrew made me feel very comfortable - he took care of everything and keep in regular contact with me throughout the whole process.

    Service was fantastic and he also keep in regular contact with me when everything had been finalised Thanks Andrew! can now get my life back on track.

    Cassandra Walsh
  • Very prompt service and excellent source of knowledge and information, I highly recommend Andrew's service for a quick turn around of circumstances.

    Eve Damjanovich
  • Andrew put my mind at ease in one easy appointment. Very satisfied with the outcome and service provided. Highly recommend Andrew.

    Tracey Douglas
  • Andrew was a steadying hand with his advice.Showing that things aren't as bad as first thought nor any obstacle insurmountable. If you have questions needing answers, Andrew is the person to ask. Thanks for your advice Andrew.

    Shane Thompson
  • Andrew was very knowledgeable, caring, helpful and compassionate when I went and saw him. He made me feel that I wasn’t the loser and failure that I thought I was being. Even down to the box of tissues on the table.. which I needed. Highly recommend to go see Andrew if your struggling. There is life after!

    Joanne Parker
  • Andrew and his team do an excellent job of helping their clients with bankruptcy advice and it is a pleasure to work with him.

    Gareth Lane
  • Don't hesitate contacting Andrew, I was stressed, struggled sleeping through debt. Andrew put me at ease. He listened to my situation and we decided on my next move. Andrew is professional and easy to talk too. I would recommend highly to anyone who wants help to give him a call. I appreciate your support Andrew. Regards Brett.

  • Andrew has given me back my life!!! After living paycheck to paycheck, I didn’t know what to do. Until I made the big step and booked an appointment with Andrew. As soon as I left his office I felt a huge weight lifted!!!

    Deezy H
  • Andrew was prompt, organised, friendly and efficient with the processing of my documents and made everything very simple for me so I didn’t need to deal with the added pressure and stress. Thank you Andrew for allowing me to start afresh and getting it done within a matter of weeks.


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