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Filing Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills

Filing Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills

In a medical emergency, the last thing you worry about is paying the bills, as getting better is the top priority. However, medical bills can quickly pile up and put a significant dent in your financial well-being. You might wonder if declaring bankruptcy on an overwhelming medical bill can be a possibility.

Let’s have a closer look.

Medical Bankruptcy in Australia

While solely applying for bankruptcy because you can’t pay the bills might not be an option, some bankruptcies occur due to medical debt. Many individuals struggle to pay the cost of healthcare and get burdened by overwhelming bills.  Remember to access the refunds/offsets offered under Medicare and your Private Health Cover (if held), as this could substantially reduce the actual out of pocket expense.


According to the Australian Financial Security Authority, around 10% of the bankruptcies filed are linked to medical bill issues. Although health insurance covers various medical treatments, private and dental hospital surgeries are usually not included in the list. These can result in higher medical care costs that create major financial issues for people, who often end up declaring bankruptcy.

How To Avoid Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills?

While bankruptcy caused by medical bills can be frightening, fortunately, there are ways you can avoid going bankrupt. Here are some tips to help you:

Never Ignore Your Bills

Medical bills can have an impact on your credit score, just like other bills. If you neglect to pay your medical bill, it can drastically reduce your credit score. It is wiser to inform the hospital, insurer, or healthcare provider that there will be a delay in the payment or ask them if you can follow a payment plan.

Even making a small payment of your medical bill is much better than completely ignoring your bill, as it still maintains a better relationship with the recipient. If you don’t have sufficient funds to make the payment, make sure to ask about any financial assistance programs offered that can help you.

Try Negotiating a Lower Rate

It might seem daunting, but negotiating the rate can be worth a try. You can call the billing office and inquire whether they can accept a lower rate. You might hear “no,” but you can still try to be persistent. Sometimes, they can even offer you other options to help you with the payment.

Don’t Use Your Credit Cards.

Credit cards can undoubtedly take you on the path of bankruptcy if you are not careful. It is always wiser to avoid using credit cards unless you are absolutely sure you can immediately pay back. Medical bills are extremely high, and if you neglect paying back the credit card bill, the amount can keep increasing.

Try to work out a payment plan with the hospital if you only have credit cards with you at the moment. Pay a small percentage of the bill and request them to allow you to make the remaining payment later.

Options for Medical Bill Debts

Here are some of the options that can help you in paying your medical bill debts and avoid bankruptcy:

Apply for Financial Assistance

Various hospitals provide financial assistance programs to people who are unable to pay overwhelming medical bills. If you are uninsured, unemployed, or need additional financial help to pay the bills, ask the hospital about their financial assistance aid.

Take Out a Bank Loan

Getting a bank loan to pay for medical bills is one of the most popular ways for people to get the money they don’t have. This is a reliable way to pay off the medical bills, but you would have to apply and qualify to get the loan, which can take time. Moreover, you would also have to pay interest on the loan amount, so it is best to consider other options first.

Start Fundraising to Pay Medical Debt

Crowdfunding is an effective means of raising funds from people, including family and strangers, to pay for your medical bills. You can create a medical fundraiser and share your story. You will be surprised at the amount of support you would receive that can not only help you pay the medical bill but prevent you from going bankrupt.

Ways to Manage Medical Bankruptcy

If nothing else works and the only way out is bankruptcy, you must start focusing on rebuilding your credit after declaring medical bankruptcy. Here are a few ways you can manage your bankruptcy and improve your credit:

Ensure Ongoing Debts Are Paid in Time

Even though your medical debt would be discharged because of the bankruptcy, you might still have other loans that aren’t covered under the bankruptcy. It is crucial to make efforts to pay the remaining ongoing debts in time. It is a great way to rebuild your credit.

Use Other Types of Credit

Using different kinds of credit might be challenging after bankruptcy, but it might help demonstrate your capability to manage multiple accounts successfully. This can be in the form of new loans or other credit cards.  However, use extreme caution if looking to borrow with ‘payday lenders’ who generally are more liberal with their lending but charge very high-interest rates.


However, keep in mind that you will be considered a risky borrower, which means the interest rates would be higher than the normal interest rates. The good thing is that sticking to paying loans on time would greatly help you rebuild your credit.


Bankruptcy due to medical bills can be challenging to manage. However, think of it as getting a second chance of getting your finances right. The bankruptcy impact will lessen gradually, and you still get an opportunity to rebuild your credit score slowly. It is essential to get in touch with a bankruptcy professional to help you through the process and give you valuable tips to recover from bankruptcy.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding bankruptcy due to medical debt, please get in touch for a free consultation.


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    I had a very difficult time with my EX. I suffered domestic violence and spent a long time trying to dig myself out of the situation where I had our property in joint names with my ex. I had no idea about bankruptcy. I had many worries and questions.

    My ex had made a consent order on me to sell but the house couldn't be sold due to myself falling into hardship paying out for everything just to keep myself afloat. My ex was still expecting 50% of all debts and costs even though i was paying 100% for last 3yrs.

    I panicked and my ex became very abusive over the phone so I googled bankruptcy and found Andrew's website it must if been fate. I called Andrew straight away and saw him ASAP I was feeling very lucky to be fitted in so quickly

    Andrew has made a promise to look out for me with the trustee and to make if anyone asks me for money, i tell them these exact words: Sorry i can't help, im bankrupt here the reference number speak to my trustee.

    Such a great thing I have found. My life saver.
    I would of done this 2 years ago had I find. It feels odd to say this but I can finally have the life of not worrying about any debt over my head. I no longer have to deal family courthouse for property matters.

    Andrew did what no lawyer, or financial councillor could do. Even if i paid lawyers 2,00000,00000 (not that i have that kind of moolah) id still end up nowhere and wasting my hard earned precious money.

    Rebecca Davis
  • I made an appointment with Andrew after finding him on google. I was nervous and apprehensive about what to expect but he made the process of bankruptcy extremely uncomplicated and stress free, allowing myself the opportunity to get the fresh start I was so desperate for. Thank you Andrew I could not recommend you enough.

  • Making the decision to go bankrupt was not easy however once I had spoken to Andrew i felt all my anxiety disappear. Andrew does not judge you and he has an innate ability to put you at ease. He took care of the whole process for me again reducing the stress involved with completing paperwork.
    Thank you very much.

    Hayley Eastough
  • I will definitely recommend Andrew Bell to anyone contemplating bankruptcy. Don't wait! Andrew is there to help. With his knowledge, he can advise you of the best path to take and assist with the mind boggling paperwork.

    Best of all, he is there for you through your entire bankruptcy period. Get your life back, it's not as bad as you think. Thank you Andrew for lifting the burden and allowing me to move on.

    Karilyn Mahon
  • I saw Andrew for 'advice only' on possible bankruptcy due to a divorce. Left an hour later with the paperwork all done and feeling like a new person!

    Andrew was extremely welcoming and made me feel so comfortable with my decision to proceed immediately.

    This was the best investment I have ever made and cannot speak highly enough of Andrew. He doesn't just give excellent service his follow up afterwards is amazing. Thankyou Andrew you made my 'new' life so easy to achieve!

    Vicki Johnston
  • Andrew was very helpful in helping me through the bankruptcy process, as a single mother left with a massive debt from my ex and our previous marriage. I was struggling to keep my head above water on a week to week basis.

    Andrew made me feel at ease immediately and helped me every step of the way, he happily and professionally answered any and all questions I had before, during and after the process. Thanks so much for your help Andrew!

    Aisha Edmonds
  • Would highly recommend Andrew to anyone having financial difficulties. Andrew made me feel very comfortable - he took care of everything and keep in regular contact with me throughout the whole process.

    Service was fantastic and he also keep in regular contact with me when everything had been finalised Thanks Andrew! can now get my life back on track.

    Cassandra Walsh
  • Very prompt service and excellent source of knowledge and information, I highly recommend Andrew's service for a quick turn around of circumstances.

    Eve Damjanovich
  • Andrew put my mind at ease in one easy appointment. Very satisfied with the outcome and service provided. Highly recommend Andrew.

    Tracey Douglas
  • Andrew was a steadying hand with his advice.Showing that things aren't as bad as first thought nor any obstacle insurmountable. If you have questions needing answers, Andrew is the person to ask. Thanks for your advice Andrew.

    Shane Thompson
  • Andrew was very knowledgeable, caring, helpful and compassionate when I went and saw him. He made me feel that I wasn’t the loser and failure that I thought I was being. Even down to the box of tissues on the table.. which I needed. Highly recommend to go see Andrew if your struggling. There is life after!

    Joanne Parker
  • Andrew and his team do an excellent job of helping their clients with bankruptcy advice and it is a pleasure to work with him.

    Gareth Lane
  • Don't hesitate contacting Andrew, I was stressed, struggled sleeping through debt. Andrew put me at ease. He listened to my situation and we decided on my next move. Andrew is professional and easy to talk too. I would recommend highly to anyone who wants help to give him a call. I appreciate your support Andrew. Regards Brett.

  • Andrew has given me back my life!!! After living paycheck to paycheck, I didn’t know what to do. Until I made the big step and booked an appointment with Andrew. As soon as I left his office I felt a huge weight lifted!!!

    Deezy H
  • Andrew was prompt, organised, friendly and efficient with the processing of my documents and made everything very simple for me so I didn’t need to deal with the added pressure and stress. Thank you Andrew for allowing me to start afresh and getting it done within a matter of weeks.


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