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Can I still earn money if I go Bankrupt?

Can I still earn money if I go Bankrupt?

An incredibly common question we come across is the fear that you will no longer be able to generate an income during Bankruptcy, in Australia. While there are certain stipulations, you are free to earn as much as you like. Talking to us about the pros and cons of going bankrupt can help alleviate your concerns and fast track you on your path to financial freedom.

The Income you can earn is calculated for each individual based on the number of dependents and adjusted upwards by the government (AFSA) in March and September each year to allow for movements in the cost of living. Talk to us to find out the best solution for you.

Will I Lose My House If I Go Bankrupt?

Not necessarily, it is possible to keep your family home subject to meeting the requirements of your Bankruptcy Trustee. For example if you owned the family home jointly with your wife or partner and the property is valued at $500,000 and you have a loan against property for $475,000 then you have $25,000 in equity.

That equity is not all yours it belongs 50/50 with your partner. Therefore your trustee will require you to pay or raise from either your partner, family or friend $12500. If this can be achieved and you and your partner can still make the loan repayments then yes you can save your house. You will no longer own the property that will now belong to your wife/Partner.

Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Will I lose my car?

The rules the regulator has set with a motor vehicle is that if you have no more than $7900 of equity in the vehicle you can keep it.

For example if you had a car valued at $30,000 and you had a loan against the vehicle for $23,000 then you have $7000 worth of equity you can therefore keep the car if you could still make the loan repayments.

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