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How Filing For Bankruptcy Can Ease The Burden Of Debt

Filing for Bankruptcy will cancel almost all outstanding loans, debts and money you owe immediately. There will be no more debt collectors knocking on your door or calling you at home as all your debt will be gone.

*As mentioned previously there are a few debts excluded from bankruptcy including government debts. This includes family support payments, court imposed fines, HECS and Centrelink debts.

Most people don’t know what to do or where to turn when they are under financial pressure and therefore put off doing anything about it.

Don't Burden Yourself With Debt. Take The Pressure Off By Filing For Bankruptcy!

Bankruptcy is not the last resort. Filing for claiming bankruptcy is a good option to fix a problem that is not going to go away by ignoring it. Relieve yourself of the constant worry and know in your stomach. 

Bankruptcy was designed to protect you if you find yourself in financial difficulty and act as an incentive for innovation. Bankruptcy is not a dirty word! 

If the problem is that you just can’t afford to pay all your bills, then Bankruptcy can help you.

You can continue to be self-employed.

You can still earn good income after you have gone into Bankruptcy.

You can still keep your carA vehicle with a value or equity to the threshold of $7,900 may be retained. A vehicle with the value/equity over the threshold may be purchased from the Trustee by a family member/friend. 

Talk to one of team to find out if we can help you keep your car. 

You may be able to keep your house. There are retention options for any owned home or property, depending on the amount of equity that exists. A family member / friend may be able to negotiate to purchase the Bankrupts equity from the Trustee.

Bankruptcy might be the most effective and cheapest way to save your house. Talk to a bankruptcy solution expert to find out options for your personal situation.

Nobody has to know it is not published in any newspapers.

You will not lose all your household Furniture or personal affects.

You can still travel overseas while Bankrupt. The stipulation is that a bankrupt person is required to make an application to the trustee to do so. The Trustee would normally approve such a request, unless there are outstanding income contributions or other warranted reasons to make a denial.

Your Superannuation is safe.

The threatening overdue letters and demands will stop. 

After you go Bankrupt the pressure comes off and you can get back to a normal lifestyle. 

The best thing to do is talk to us! We understand the stipulations, and how they will apply to you.